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Our Mission

Happy Day,

In addition to Tee-shirts, if you like the look of the design, you can easily have it placed on tons of other items. If you like a particular design, you can go to the tiny magnifying glass thats to the right of the MYTEEUSA logo and type in the name of that design. For instance, type in "Back the Blue Heart" and all things "Back the Blue Heart" will show up. Additionally, if you dont see a version of what you "like" use the "Contact us" and tell us what youd like to see, and well make it happen! For instance, if you want a design on the heart area as opposed to the chest area, just simply let us know! Well get that done in no time!

As mentioned above, not only do we offer various kinds of materials, sizes and fits for all Tee-Shirts, as well as anything from Men, Women, and Kids clothes, we offer personal accessories such as bags and hats as well as home items like blankets and throw pillows. On top of all of that, it is all very very fair pricing. I have no desire to challenge Musk for wealthiest man on earth, I just want to be a part of what I love and what I think is important... Jeans, Tshirts and Gym Shoes... and growing fonder by the day to flip flops!?

As far as I see it, Im willing to pay a few extra dollars for something that I want. I have always been intrigued with tshirts that have print on the sleeves and on the back! Therefore, thats what I have tried to do. I understand, that not everyone has the same opinion as I, so thats why a design you might like, has the design only on the chest. But another shirt option has that same design on the chest or heart region, as well as sleeves and perhaps on the back! So I wanted to offer a little something for everyone! Make sure it "Fits". Please pay close attention while ordering!

Theres NEVER ever been a better country than the USA. Nothing in this world is perfect and theres not one person on Earth whos here for the same reasons as you. But the FREEDOM we are blessed with allows you to follow YOUR hearts most sincere wishes... to define YOUR greatest desires... and to live YOUR dreams? How you feel is more important than anything else, you can not fully love another if you dont love yourself. It is my hope that MYTEEUSAs designs will embody all of that for you! Make sure it "Fits".

One last, very important, thing Id like to add, is that I used to volunteer for years at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), in my community, "rocking babies." Long story short, it was incredibly rewarding spending time with newborns all wrapped up like tiny footballs. So being a cancer survivor and combining the opportunity with all the volunteer work in the NICU, we donate 10% of all MYTEEUSAs earnings to support the Mission of St Judes Childrens Research Hospital.

Once again, Thank You for your time and make it a great day. Im positive St. Judes would like to add a Thank You as well,

Rob 💯o((⊙v⊙))o []~(* ̄▽ ̄*)~ =P \(*^_^*)/ (¬_¬} ~Welcome~